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A Can of Worms
  1. A Can of Worms | The Capitol Theatre - Nelson, BC
  2. Worms: 39 properties found
  3. Rot From The Stars
  4. Six more brands of canned fish contaminated with worms

D in search of brains! And in homage to this popular zomb-fest, Worms fans can dress their slimy pals in a three mask set and wage war in an Unturned mission. Coming to the explosive rescue of worms everywhere is the fan favourite Broforce Turkey Bomb, bringing the pain in Worms W.

A Can of Worms | The Capitol Theatre - Nelson, BC

The Liberty Strike is a Broforce flavoured airstrike which will rain down fiery hell from the skies. The War Mage and Sorceress have vowed to protect the world and guard the rifts. But sometime after the last great battle, trouble is brewing again.

A three mask set from the award-winning hit The Escapists is a must-have accessory for all wormy wannabe escapists. Ahhhh, precious memories of mutually-assured worm destruction! Unleash the Ming Vase, Sheep Launcher and Kamikaze weapons, get stuck into five classic missions and head into battle in a classic Worms three mask set!

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Worms: 39 properties found

Published: 12th July All gamers pre-ordering the game before its August 23rd launch will receive the following Worms W. See all of this in action in the All-Stars Trailer! Latest News. Make no mistake: Hildegard was complicit in these machinations.

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  • Yet, she was a seer, a healer, a writer, an herbalist, and a cosmically inspired composer. She made up her own letter language, Lingua Ignota.

    Rot From The Stars

    As Prioress, and guided by a particular vision, Hildegard fought incessantly for independence and space for her nuns, which she attained. A proto white feminist as it were.

    Worms WMD - All Stars Pack

    How might this remarkable yet problematic woman figure into a project about marginalized ways of knowing? A project built on research about knowledge held by women, by queer folx, by Indigenous people, by many more, despite the persistence of the structures of religion, capitalism, patriarchy, heteronormativity, and colonialism that have systematically sought to extinguish such ways of knowing?

    In her portrait of the divisive nun, Rithika Merchant has delicately eviscerated Hildegard: two leaves, yonic, for her face, fiery triangles extending outward, possibly infinitely, as her eyes, and her stomach, her womb: a crystalline mountain, from which snaking tendrils of a vine curl outward and surround her as a sundog might.


    For Merchant, reimagining historical women through her idiosyncratic visual language is a means to make sense of an enduring widespread oppression of women. In her installation, Dragan invokes one of the earliest human wonderments: light. She creates white light using separate red, blue, and green bulbs; when the white light is interrupted, it breaks apart into cyan, magenta, yellow, as if a kind of magic, a kind of alchemy. Fortune telling extends across time, histories, cultures, and geographies and exists in innumerable forms.

    Often cast as pseudoscience by a persistent and myopic white patriarchy, these multitudinous ways of knowing, like so many others, have persisted and flourished even.

    Six more brands of canned fish contaminated with worms

    Cindy Mochizuki has long been sought out for her fortune telling ability, which in turn has informed her practice—they are in a sense one and the same project. In these works, and throughout her practice, Mochizuki advocates for tender yet powerful ways of knowing that circumvent a crude limit set by patronizing discourses of science.

    Growing is so moored to the movements of the moon; the moon, moored to the light of the Sun; our bodies, comprised of the elemental stuff of other suns.