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  3. Being Aware of, Concerned, and Burdened for God’s Move in the Present World Situation
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I pictured myself years from now with the ones I love most, laughing and playing in a similar park.

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As I have been on my knees lately asking Heavenly Father for help and guidance, I have found that I place a lot of trust and confidence in Him. I know that He cares. The power of prayer is not only a gift from our Heavenly Father but it is also very powerful and effective if you put in the effort. I have noticed a huge difference in my life now that I have been praying more.

One of my favorite things to do is to find a quiet and peaceful area where I can talk to my Heavenly Father and tell Him how I am feeling. I have felt His love through prayer, and I know that He wants us to speak to Him and remember Him always in our hearts and in our minds. I had been struggling for a few weeks with some health problems when a friend told me she was praying and felt prompted to tell me I needed a blessing. I knew she was right, but I felt worthless.

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I felt like I didn't deserve a blessing. Then I was looking at youth. The Spirit was so strong as I read the article. I knew my friend was right and I truly needed a blessing. I know Heavenly Father wants to bless us, and we only need to ask. No matter how worthless you feel, you are still a son or daughter of God.

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He loves you. I asked my father for a blessing that night.

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After the blessing I felt a comfort and calm that hadn't been there before. We may be stubborn sometimes, but if we will humble ourselves and ask for a blessing, it can change lives. The summer before my sophomore year, my two best friends moved. School started, and it seemed as if Satan knew my weakness and set out to intensify it.

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I became insecure about my status at school. One night before bed, I was reading Ether when suddenly I understood that the Lord wanted to help me make good friends. If I had humility and faith, the Lord would help make my weakness a strength. I have seen how the Lord has kept His promise. He has billions of children, but I know that He loves us individually for our own unique qualities. How grateful I am for the lesson I learned that night and for the peace and serenity that come with knowing God lives, He loves us individually, and He wants to help His children.

I love Him with all my heart.

Being Aware of, Concerned, and Burdened for God’s Move in the Present World Situation

We want to be one with You, Lord, for Your move! We praise You, Lord, for You are sovereignly arranging all things and all events for Your economy to be carried out on earth through the church! The world history is fascinating yet meaningless without seeing that God has an economy, and He arranges all things to carry out His economy on earth through His people.

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  • Later, the Lord used the country of Germany with Martin Luther to recover the truth of justification and put the translated word of God into the hands of the people. Then, this last century the Lord started to use the United States of America, a country under constitution and with freedom of speech, to both release the truth and bring in the high peak truth with brother Lee and to spread the recovery to all the earth.

    The Lord always moves in the world situation, and He chooses whichever country He wants to carry out His present move. In the church life we are practicing the God-ordained way to meet and to serve, learning to enjoy Christ, experience Christ, live Christ, and prophesy to minister Christ for the building up of the church.

    We need to realize that the present changes in the world situation are not meaningless; rather, our Lord who is our life and life supply is also the Ruler of the entire world, and He arranges the world situation with the world events to carry out His economy in this age. Whatever happens in the world situation is of the Lord, and we need to exercise our spirit and ask the Lord, Lord, what You mean in all these changes?

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    What concerns us in these changes? How can we cooperate with You for Your move in the current world situation?

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    However, the church needs to be built up, the gospel needs to be spread, and the truth needs to be propagated so that the world situation may move toward the end while the inward move of God would match it. Lord Jesus, what do You want us to do to cooperate with You in the midst of all the recent changes in the world situation? We want to give You our best cooperation for the preaching of the gospel, the spreading of the truth, and the furtherance of Your move in Europe so that the outward world situation would match Your inward move in man, and then the end would come!

    Migration & Diaspora: God’s Movement to Reach More People

    Come, Lord Jesus! A God-man is a normal believer in Christ; the author of this article is one who is learning to be a normal Christian, a daily enjoyer of Christ , a living and functioning member in the Body of Christ. Amen, Lord, make us such ones for the building up of the Body of Christ!