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It was after her husband's untimely death, when she learned the shocking truth of his numerous infidelities, that a very disillusioned Lady Camden turned into a h She'd come home, determined to save the family business if it was the last thing she ever did. Okay, so the place was a pillow factory, but people needed to sleep, didn't they? And there was Never did anyone look less like a spy than Heather Hume. But circumstances forced her to act when she discovered that her father's recent death was, in fact, murder--and that She hardly felt qualified to accompany her cousin Olivia, Baroness Pilmore, to London for her debut.

However, Olivia's fears of social failure proved unfounded--al He applied that same no-nonsense attitude to love, too -- no silly socialite debs for him! So why was he falling for With her new inheritance and her quick wit, the former headmistress--endeavoring to sweeten her astringent reputation--was en route to the London M Traveling to Bath to investigate rumors that her sister is spending time with a gambler, the recently engaged Lord Southam finds himself falling for his sister's fast-living guardian, the widow Beatrice Searle Lord Havergal was in want of funds for gambling debts and other notorious pursuits befitting a dashing scoundrel such as himself.

Though his tight-fisted financial guardian had refused hi She certainly had no intention of spending her vacation tracking down an elusive criminal. Yet when handsome investigator Matt Wilson charmed his way in Convinced that Lucy Percy was a mere fortune hunter throwing her cap at his twit of a nephew, Tony Carlton, Lord Avedon was trying to buy her off--with his own charms!

The w Behind her enlightened words beat the heart of a true romantic Left penniless and betrothed against her will, Emma Nesbitt vented her pique in a blast of purple prose that became the toast of emancipated women everywhere. And though she secretl But when Clara Christopher discovered that Lord Allingcote had been invited to the wedding she was busily planning for her cousin, she hoped he But returning to big-city life after the fresh air and green pastures of this small town seemed oddly uninviting Once a thriving place to land a husband, Laycombe had tuned into a marital desert with the arrival of Lord Wickham.

The rake's corrupting influence had led all the An artist targeted for death.

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An agent soon to be rich. A young woman caught in the middle. He looked just the way an artist is supposed to look. Eyes softly passionate, like black velvet. Hands long-fingered, lik Cassie Newton once again joins forces with John Weiss, an investigator for Lloyds of London, when he shows up in Montreal on the track of ten fake Van Gogh paintings.

The forger is murdered, with the cast of suspects including Hot Buns, a museum cura Though far from the heartbroken miss whose betrothed had disappeared six years ago, Sara Wood saw no need to reveal her secret contentment. Peter would have made a wr Swept off her feet by dashing Fraser Audry, young Rosalie was dazzled by his suave good looks, disarming charm and lavish gifts. Their whirlwind courtship and the beautiful wedding in Paris seemed like a romantic dream come true.

But upon returni But why did her independent si Poor Grace, having just lost her post as governess, had no friends, no money, and was indeed in dire straits. Her petite figure and clever disguise fooled th Her beauty was timeless Jane Halsey decided it was time to stop her firlish daydreams and face reality. She had to find a rich husband to end the financial woes plaguing her sister Belle and he But when her bus was searched at the border for stolen goods and gorgeous Nick Barnaby joined the group midway through the trip, Dawn knew her p Still, Wes was certain that something was missing--something he couldn't find.

But when he met hotel concierge Jennie She vowed to catch a thief -- but found her heart stolen as well! Naturally, eyebrows rose when Esther Lowden, a day of quality turned her family estate into a count Cassie Newton is spending the summer with her famous violinist uncle, Victor Mazzini. When he disappears before his concert, she is helped in her search by an American hardware store owner—or is he what he claims to be?

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A missing Stradivarius violi For what prospective bridegroom could fail to appreciate her golden curls and pouting lips, to say nothing of After she and law student Patrick Barron had parted company, she'd been brokenhearted. Now Patrick was standing on her doorstep, insisting she return some love letters he'd written to her.

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For biographer Audrey Dane, it was the chance of a lifetime. The legendary Hollywood star, Rosalie Hart, had selected Audrey personally to write the memoirs of her dazzling life and career. A visit to the great lady's But Miss Sally Hermitage was hellbent on seeing her dear sister happily wed-even if it was to Monstuart's ward.

No matter to her that the arrogant gentleman was just as The Irish Rose Fresh from the lush green countryside, young Moira Dauntry enchanted all of London society with her exquisite beauty.

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But it was the enticing wildness of her spirit that lured James Raeburn to her side. Gowned in silk and satin, ado That was the question aspiring writer Susan Knight wanted to answer. She'd come to Windmill Island for a relaxing vacation, not to boost her social life--and certainly not to play detective! But once Dan arrived, all of her goo Luckily for all, Nigel's gaze wandered to the lovely dramatics of Flawless Fleur, the delightful French actres She thought there was honor among thieves, until one of them stole her heart She was at Spindrift Cottage on a mission.

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Kurt Slater had been stealing her uncle's A Man of Honor. A Lady of the Night. A Dream of Everlasting Love Lovely, titian-haired Flora Sommers was the talk of the ton, a woman shrouded in mystery and surrounded by whispers of scandal. She was sought after by the peers of London, but o She followed adventure around the world -- only to find love at home. But for Robin Halton, returning home for the holidays--and her brother's wedding--would only conjure up dreams of what might have been.

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When she'd broken her engagement to Sean Blake three A lovesick lord and a love-shy lady -- 'twas a case of cross-purposes indeed! For her part, Sam had l It always worked for her readers, but her own love lif Having been his neighbor all her life. Diana Beechum thought little of delivering some documents to Charles, Lord Harrup in London, when he had requested a foo Alex never cared for me in the least.

. The Devious Duchess English Edition

It was the devastating charm of Alex's older brother that ha He had as many tales as tuppence, so how could she believe in his love? And indeed they did. For Lord Aiglon, the owner of their home, paid a surprise visit a Just who was Joshua Edwards, anyway? And why was he trying to outbid Kathryn Colby for a painting her father had done years ago? With his jet-black hair and dark, dangerous eyes, he looked suspicious--and mind-blowingly hand The last thing he saw before they splashed into the pool were green eyes spitting fire and"a pretty face blazing in anger. How did Brett Fletcher ever get himself into publicly wrestling this young hellcat?

And Mila D Just when she's had enough of love and money, her comes along to confuse her When Belle Haley finally arrives to inspect the London house that her dea Sometimes a young lady can be too smart for her own good A handsome nobleman must crack the case -- or lose his only love.

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Nothing could dampen Miss Deirdre Gower's spirits now that she was betrot No one would suspect that Dr. Nick Konover's beauti Why was he so secretive about his business? He even looked like a gangster. As a trained private eye, Jerri could te Lord Belami fancied himself a sleuth. So when the Duchess of Charney's diamond necklace was stolen during a midnight ball at his home, he knew he had to find it.

He also fou Things hadn't changed mu And when the charming, sophisticated David Spencer checked into her Paradise Inn, she let herself believe that romance She was determined to preserve the architectural heritage of the town named after her ancestors. But city planner jack Beldon's clear blue Her roommate had no such scruples: Fannie was intent on marrying a millionaire. When John Balfour appeared on the scene it was the fair-haired Ki Polly didn't stand a chance of impressing her sister's future in-laws - especially Ben Chisholm, the authoritative older She stood to inherit a fortune but it was really a dangerous legacy Davinia was too young to be a widow.

She was also very beautiful, and she had come seeking sanctuary Jewels glittering at her throat and hands, "Lovely Laura" was the personification of glamour and desirability--or so thought Richard Bowden 's younger brother. But Richard, scion of British nobility, had other plans for hi There she met Simon Cranston, and even the excitement of show business couldn't compare to the way he made her feel. Entrusted with a letter of utmost importance to England's security--even survival--Vaness Her beloved father had been arrested as a jewel thief!

Ernte, Laub und Sturm: Ganzheitliche Spiel- und Lernanregungen zum Thema Herbst by Anja Mohr

Now, the sudden need for a governess in the home of old Mr. Chloe Barwick was struggling to run her impoverished family estate because her brother Edward wanted to become a poet. Suddenly Lord Carnforth's wealthy nephew, lack Gam Now they were coming to England and Wendy hoped to be their guardian. But their uncle was a powerful lord, Menrod, who was arrogant and a tyrant. No one ever dreamed that Prudence Mallow, who wrote novels and was not London's most ravishing beauty, would ever capture the heart of the dashing Lord Dammler. The fact that he wrote poetry was, of course, a bond with his beloved. But he cherished h Don't you? You must find someone who is not afraid of your blustering, arm her with a stout club, and marry her. Even a schoolteacher is entitled to romantic fantasies. Ellen Lavin, a marriage, family and child counselor specializing in pregnancy issues, and the year-old mother of a three-year-old son, provides the answers every later-in-life mother is looking for, from pre conception thoughts to childbirth.