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Savannah and Nash are both given time to shine and while Savannah's habit of instantly assuming that Nash could never, ever see her as a woman he'd want to date grates on the nerves something awful, it is kind of understandable given her past. Still, I think I'd like to spend more time around Savannah's shop and Nash gets to step up in the second half of their story once Savannah loses her damn mind and just assumes the absolute worst of everything. It's weirdly set up but Nash calls her on it, though that still doesn't really make it better?

Almost everything bad after they agree to marry could have been avoided if they'd just friggin' talked to one another and that's a trope I despise. Still, I liked both characters and wouldn't mind seeing more of them. My Hero - if you wanted to kill your liver in no time flat, take a shot every time the word hero shows up during this story not including the title page. You'll be dead in no time.

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Sometimes it makes sense but often it's just Who talks like that? Parker I had to think far too long to remember his name given I just finished the book today is bland and forgettable. I couldn't tell you anything about him other than he's an architect, wanted to marry a girl named Maria from Spain who broke his heart, and for some reason loves Bailey, our heroine.

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Don't know why, don't think he knows either. He acts like a jerk when she dances with another guy at a concert, but he was also very clearly not going to dance with her and also was swept away in the crowd. For a moment I thought he was recreating a scene from Bailey's novel on purpose but no. And other than Bailey having two failed engagements under her belt and a slightly used wedding dress in her closet, I couldn't tell you much about her either.

Mostly this felt like a partial idea sent out into the world unfinished.

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I liked Jo Ann did I spell her name correctly? Otherwise, eh. Probably didn't help that every time Bailey talked about Parker acting like a hero should, my eyes nearly rolled clear out of my skull. Aug 11, Sharon Mariampillai rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads , books-i-borrowed , favourite-heroines , contemporary , library-books , must-read , boyfriend-material , e-books , romance , tbr-finished. This was an incredible read.

This book contains two short stories in one book: Marriage Wanted and My Hero. Debbie Macomber is a fantastic writer and I am glad to read any of her stories about love. I thought the romance between Savannah and Nash was sweet. I did think the ending could have ended a bit better. It seemed a bit rushed to me. My Hero was This was an incredible read.

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My Hero was a fantastic story about a beginner author who finds her ideal man for her main hero in her book and for her own heart. Parker and Bailey were perfect. I loved their relationship. They were funny. I am glad that Bailey got another chance at love because she needed Parker to show her that there are heroes in the world that can protect the women that they love. Parker embodies that and so much more. The book as a whole is another masterpiece by Debbie Macomber. The characters, and the romance are always sweet and genuine.

I love them! The writing is so good and the plots are engaging and enjoyable. Overall, an amazing read. Awesome Like that there was to great stories in one book also I have always loved reading her books they are a pleasure to read. Jun 27, Oksana rated it really liked it. I like these two stories but cant figure out why author would give Parkers mom male name Two for one!! A book within a book: Looking for a Hero: Marriage Wanted and My Hero, I actually found this book in paperback I could not get the app to let me change the format. I really enjoyed being able to take it with me when I was touring the area and going to many meetings.

I could carry it with me and read a chapter or two when I had some down-time. Really enjoyed both novels.

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Marriage Wanted centered around an accomplished, though unmarried, wedding planner and a jaded, once married, di Two for one!! Marriage Wanted centered around an accomplished, though unmarried, wedding planner and a jaded, once married, divorce lawyer, trying to convince his sister NOT to marry.

The changes that occur within both their lives were fun to read about. Of course, Macomber works her magic and they become involved and eventually marry, but the path they follow is a bit unusual. My Hero is the story of a fledgling romance novelist and her search for a hero for her first romance novel. Mar 06, Shelly Itkin rated it really liked it. Marriage Wanted Nash Davenport is against marriage and after his divorce, he has become one of the best divorce lawyers around When his sister, Susan, plans her wedding she gets the help of Savannah Charles, a wedding planner. Savannah is very talented at what she does.

Realizing, that with her handicap she will probably just help brides plan weddings as she has accepted the fact she may never marry. When Nash meets Savannah they both find something in each other they have never experienced before. A wonderful, enjoyable and loving story. My Hero Bailey York has had two unsuccessful attempts at love so now is concentrating on just writing the perfect romance novel.

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She is having problems with the main character and when she meets Parker Davidson she wonders if her problems have been answered. Is this for real or for her story? Quick read and enjoyable as always. Mar 23, Cynthia Miller rated it really liked it. Two stories Second story a romance writer needs a perfect hero for her book Apr 07, Jubilee Book Reviews rated it really liked it.

My Hero: I have to say that I found myself laughing out loud at Bailey and her ways. If you are a writer or know a writer…they will understand the moments this character has. Parker…reminds me of my husband…no joke here. He is patient and listens to her crazy ramblings.

He even tries helping her with her story and plays along. This is a light read and so much fun. Marriage Wanted: Savannah and Nash are both stubborn and set in their ways. The tension between them is pure chemistry. They are both so determined to prove the other one wrong and the passion ignites between them as they both learn to live again.

Sep 08, Camandwmm rated it really liked it. Two very interesting love stories in "Looking for a Hero". In "Marriage Wanted" Nash is a divorce attorney and being divorced himself, very sour on whole idea of marriage. His sister is planning a wedding with Savannah as the wedding planner. He is very attracted to Savannah but fights his feelings. She is a romantic planning weddings, and he thinks it foolish. Very different look at love! In "My Hero" Bailey is a romance writer looking for a hero for the novel she is writing.

She is determined s Two very interesting love stories in "Looking for a Hero". She is determined she is only researching for her book, not looking for romance herself as she has been hurt twice in relationships. Very entertaining book!