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I Fell into a Negative Spiral Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole. Alice in Wonderland Down the Rabbit Hole. Down the rabbit hole. Down through the rabbit hole.

Attica - Journey Down the Rabbit Hole. Down the Rabbit Hole Dtrh. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. Item Added:. Are you sure you would like to remove these items from your wishlist? Remove From Wishlist Cancel. The story went away. I'm not saying the public needs to be spoon fed but the stories are just that stories and the larger public needs things to be explained, correlated and put into context so that the larger public can understand 'what the big freaking deal is'.

You encourage us to prefer older discrete log systems over elliptic curve systems. I know about the dual ec prng vulnerability. Are these magic numbers a legitimate cause of concern? Are you still working for BT and do you have anything to say about their involvement in these abuses? It's okay; lots of other people are talking about BT's involvement. I don't have anything to add. There was once an age where we feared the Soviets and the Orwellian police state they represented.

Our project failed; we never got wide enough adoption to have it take off. Should it, or at least the basic notion, be resurrected? I see you're still comfortable working with Truecrypt. Is it too much to ask if you're using the pre-compiled executable available for download, or only if your comfort level attaches only to a version you've compiled yourself? You recommended to "Prefer symmetric cryptography over public-key cryptography.

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Winrar and 7zip are already compromised, the owners dont give the hashing of originals installers OTP encryption is flashing, back to the stone age again hell The algorithms we have, overall, are good. Those three areas however though pay huge rewards.

My personal favorite to attack during the time I was involved and studying: sources of random. Let's just say there is a surprising amount of implementations that can be defeated with large enough database lookup tables. I sleep better now that I am no longer involved though. I saw what my work turned into and decided I wanted no part of it, left before I got in too deep to get out.

At the time many people assumed it had nothing to do with the NSA, the funny naming being rather some sort of an unimaginative programmer's idea of a joke.

Sons and Lovers

In retrospect, knowing what we learnt today, that may have been the actual key to an NSA sanctionned backdoor. If we're using constants that can be verified with such a technique, is there still a reason to avoid ECDSA? What realy suprises me is peoples apparent shock to this news, all of it has been discussed befor on this blog by the likes of Nick P, RobertT, one or two others and myself for some years now.

I even give details about research by Adam Young and Moti Yung about Cryptovirology and kleptography and given details of how to use it to make PK certs that reveal one of the PQ primes. I've also pointed out the advantages of "oportunistic harvesting" -v- targeted attacks in the way such agencies work due to it being a lot more efficient.

Imagine 12222 Lost & Found Info

I've also repeatedly pointed out the dangers of random number generators with to little entropy in software apps and embeded systems such as routers and switches. I've also repeatedly warned of "magic pixie dust" issues with hardware RNGs in the likes of Intel's chips. I've also warned of other attacks such as "protocol fallback" which we know have and probably still are used by the likes of the NSA and GCHQ oddly not mentioned in the articles.

It seems to me that, by the NSA shoe-horning in back doors to all communications hardware, that it has provided its adversaries with the same capabilities. Is it really thought that the recently publicized USG cyberwarfare initiative can protect us? That's the most telling and horrifying sentence in the Guardian article.

Something is seriously wrong if we have to regard an agency of our own government-- an agency that supposedly exists to protect our Homeland from dangerous enemy threats-- as an "adversary. Why put all the eggs in the same basket and make the secrets vulnerable if NSA manages to find a method to break the symmetric encryption or public key encryption you are using?

Using OTP with other encryption methods probably won't make the security any worse, especially when there is reason to suspect that some of those other encryption methods might be broken. Wouldn't it be preferable that there would be still some security left even if some encryption method is later found to be weak? What that someone's going to write a book?

Well that IS how we pass information from one of us to the next right? Have you read the Pentagon Papers? Few have. The only people who read it were MacNamara, probably, may he burn and Ellsberg and his insider circle of DoD analysts. Why did it become such a hugh issue? Because Nixon, who never read it and Kissinger, who never read it moved heaven, earth, prior restraint, and attempted murder tried to keep anyone from reading it. All they and everyone else ultimately learned was that it was proof the war was unwinnable and had been for years.

But had they ignored it Bruce, Given your opinion on what happened to ecc constants, could it be that the "new capabilities" against Google which apparently came on stream in were as a result of their adoption of ECDHE - which may well have been Google's attempt via forward secrecy to thwart the NSA? I'm interested to speculate on what forces can actually balance the NSA's power over the entire Internet. I am talking about actual economics, not just people's boycotting facebook for a month or two.

What if US-based corporations were to show a dent in their profit due to a dip in public trust? Imagine if Google saw their users decline - would they be powerful enough to lobby Congress to curb the NSA? What if Facebook, Google, Yahoo joined forces for that? It's all a game of balancing forces; in the current cloud-frenzy situation, it was inevitable for the NSA to be on top of it and take advantage of the situation. I wonder what's next - todays' story is probably a few years old.

Down the Rabbit Hole, Echo Falls Mystery by Peter Abrahams | | Booktopia

Furthermore, today's documents show how there's no silver bullet to breaking security, especially on large deployment: it's a combination of slow-moving tactics e. As such, there's no silver bullet to counter-fight this: we as tech-savy people with freedom in mind must be ready to counteract the political pressure, the economical pressures, the technological advantages, etc.

Lastly, I bet some sort of quantum computing has been deployed successfully in ; and that actually gave access to the loads of encrypted data that have been collected over the years. We shall see in years how things actually went, but I have a strong feeling about this.

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I'm interested :. Bruce: I think one of the more surprising revelations in one of your articles today is that you still use Windows for most things. How and why? Some of these vulnerabilities will be discovered sooner or later anyway, but it is quite possible that many of them, especially the ones engineered by NSA coercing business into adding backdoors, would not have been made possible without the immense wealth of the US taxpayer to fund it.

TrueCrypt is an NSA program. You offer a free program that works on almost all personal computers. Millions download and use it.

Thank You!

When your agents or assets get caught with TC on their laptop, it doesn't mean they are working intelligence. Everyone uses TC. But is it secure, or is there an NSA backdoor in the program? I'm deeply grateful for the strong public light you have shed on threats to privacy and liberty -- those inseparable companions! I observe that your perspective on true security is not that of those "doctrinaire libertarians" who deny the legitimacy of almost all government power.

Hysteria Beyond Freud

Rather, the valuable and necessary exercise of that power must be rigorously monitored and constrained. My distress about the cancerous growth of the "national security state" has grown near to agony in recent months: not only the naked contempt for the United States Constitution displayed from the Oval Office down to the lowest functionaries in such agencies as NSA, but also the slavish acquiesence of the dozens of elected lickspittles on Capitol Hill and others in high echelons of government who not only knew about and enabled this criminality, but still continue to defend their cowardice without hint of shame or remorse.

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By birth, I received the unmerited honor of descent from men who faced grave danger to life and limb Today, my grief and discouragement about my once courageous country are greater even than during the tragedy of US military involvement in Viet Nam. Having done so, we shall neither deserve liberty and safety, nor can we expect them. Bruce, your work in resisting the flood tide of cowardly surrender to fear is of immeasurable value, especially now that the public voices of resistance are so few. Your patient, persistent, ever calm and reasoned arguments counter to the mainstream have been a great comfort to me in a time of near despair -- extending to your generous expenditure of time responding to this comment thread.